Nutrition, Art, Music & Movement, Funbursts & Cooking

Trim Tots CIC uses a creative child-friendly approach to teach in an informal setting. Diverse art forms are used to help develop skills in communication and support social and emotional development in a group setting and provide opportunity for parent and child to learn together.  During our art sessions we work with as many recycled materials as possible and explore, ‘Things to Make from Household Waste’, – responding to current battle against plastics and offering simple affordable activities easy to complete at home.

Planet Munch was designed to encourage healthy lifestyles in pre-school children and their families. The programme provides a consistent framework with structured content delivered by experienced practitioners who work with families over the 24-week period.  Planet Munch practitioners are sensitive to the needs of individuals ensured by lead-in contact with delivery partners, key workers and families.

Planet Munch has been developed to support learning across the following key areas:

  • Literacy – skills developed through, wide vocabulary, phonics, rhyme, songs and stories.
  • Maths – activites explored through counting games, physical activities and songs.
  • Understanding the World – Multi cultural songs and stories.
  • Expressive art and design – an introduction to materials and techniques through a broad range of craft activities.   

This praise-based learning programme has been devised to support every aspect of child development and includes all the family