Trim Tots CIC presents Planet Munch Healthy Lifestyle Programme – A creative approach to a healthier future

Trim Tots Community Interest Company was formed to tackle obesity through the delivery and roll out of Planet Munch Healthy Lifestyle Programme. Planet Munch is the only healthy lifestyle programme for pre-school children in the UK that meets all the NICE guidelines for prevention and treatment of obesity with evidence to show it is effective at reducing obesity risk up to two years after taking part. 

Planet Munch has been developed by leading health, movement and behaviour experts from the Institute of Child Health together with a team of community artists – fusing the Worlds of art and science to create an engaging programme for Under 5’s and their grown-ups, Planet Munch is a nutritious and wonderfully fun treat for the whole family!

After seven years of delivering Planet Munch, findings from two randomised controlled trials, the gold standard research design, were published as an abstract in the Lancet and show a reduction to both BP and BMI for participating families.

Featuring puppets, dance-based music & movement, art & crafts, storytelling & interactive nutrition sessions – The Planet Munch learning experience where adult & child learn together is creative, fun, engaging & supports healthy lifestyle choices into the future. 

“Trim Tots is a marriage between art and science that is entertaining for both adult and child”

Dr Julie Lanigan