Planet Munch – Not making a Song and Dance of every mealtime!

Welcome to the World of beatboxing greens, hula hooping fruit and the colourful patrons at the Pulse Dance Studio and the Five-a Day Jazz Club.  Featuring life-sized puppets and interactive music and movement sessions join us as we dance with Chick Pea and Groove in the Roots with Cousin Carrot. Planet Munch is a delicious blend of energetic playful music, hands on creative craft and inventive story telling with a healthy message of balanced nutrition at its core.

Recommended Age – Under 5
Duration – 24 weeks
Extras – Healthy Snack provided

Further Info – Parent/carer must attend sessions

Number of Sessions -24
Session length – 2 hours
Take Home Kit (example)
Provided to each family to support continuance in the community to include: weekly art creation, skipping rope, pilates ball, hula hoop, ball, dance scarf, bunny ears, bunny tail, musical shaker, rubber hands/feet, teddy, Planet Munch CD, Planet Munch Colouring-in Book, Planet Munch Recipe Book

All children eligible for NICE Tier 2 & 3 programmes and according to local referral criteria.

Planet Munch is evidence-based and devised by leading experts from the Institute of Child Health in response to increased obesity in preschool children.

“Trim Tots was full of good ideas, it was well organized, fun, unusual and educational.”